PennTESOL-East Advocacy Focus and Values

As a professional organization serving teachers of English to speakers of other languages, PennTESOL-East is committed to advocating for the circumstances and provisions that support excellence in English language education. As broad categories, these include:

  • Funding to support all English learners to achieve success as they define it

  • Sufficient resources for high quality language teaching, including

    • Compensation and benefits for teachers

    • Space, equipment, and supplies for instruction

    • Freedom from hiring discrimination of any kind

    • Access to high quality professional development

  • Safety, security, and equitable access for the vulnerable and underserved, including immigrants, English learners, and those facing barriers to participation

  • Fair immigration policy that recognizes immigrants and immigration as an asset to our intercultural community

PennTESOL-East generally focuses our advocacy efforts on domains in which English is taught, including primary and secondary education, higher education, community colleges, adult education, intensive English language programs, and private language schools.

In our Advocacy Efforts, PennTESOL-East Strives to:

  • reflect the stated needs of English learners and English language teachers

  • foster relationships with legislators, decision-makers, and stakeholders

  • be a resource to legislators and decision-makers

Advocacy Links and Resources

PennTESOL East Advocacy Statements 

PennTESOL East is a professional, non-profit association dedicated to the improvement and advancement of English language teaching in eastern Pennsylvania.

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